So, about that self-published comic book…

I have had this idea for a comic book/film/TV series for a while now. I’ve talked to quite a few friends about it over and over again, which has been a big help. They might as well be co-creators at this point. 

Anyways, after about a year of putting a coherent story together, I’ve decided to finally dive into really putting it out there.

Right now I’m just putting the main story on paper. What happens here and there, who the characters are, when and where it happens, etc… You know, the stuff that makes up a story? (lulz)

Also doing a lot of back story for the multitude of characters I have. And a lot of research. (gotta love alternate timelines ;))

Hopefully, once I get a good script and a good feel for each and every one of the characters, I’m going to begin a rough layout of a comic book. 

There are so many point-of-views that this story can take that the only way this would work IS by either being a comic book or a television series, and I don’t really see the latter going anywhere in my current state. (more lulz, slightly depressing)

So yes, wish me luck, and if you are interested, please follow me. I will keep you up to date on how all of this is going. Maybe some of you people with experience in this can even give me a few tips. Good advice is welcome too.

Thank you :D

- tearadon